scentimental jars.

hi lovebugs,

i wanted to tell you about one of my favourite businesses.

scentimental jars is a london based independent candle company, that specialises in hand poured soy candles, and wax melts.

the company was established a little over two years ago, by my best friend luke, as he recovered from a heart operation.

last year i fell in love with scents such as ‘nans kitchen’, and ‘frosted serenity’.

scentimental jars has started 2019 with a bang, introducing twenty new scents to their range.

not only have they launched all of these new scents, but they have also launched a brand new product – the room and linen spray, as well as a bundle home fragrance deal which includes a candle, a clam shell pack of wax melts, and a room and linen spray – all in the same scent.

i instantly fell in love with the bundle deals, as i love matching scents. right now i am living with my mum, so only have my bedroom, but when i live in my own place i like to have the same scent through the entire of my home. the combination of the three products, also allows for a level of scent that works best for you. i like to go all in, warming the wax melts, lighting the candle, along with a liberal spritzing of the room and linen spray.

last time i was down in london, i purchased the set in the scent ‘very cherry’.

if you know me, you know that my long time favourite candle is ‘black cherry’ from a very well known candle company, and no other cherry candle has ever come close.

until this.

i am LIVING for this scent. i went through the candle and the wax melts pretty quickly, and i’ve gone hard on the room and linen spray. i am so in love with the whole bundle, i am going to place another order, when i get paid.

what i love about scentimental jars, is the quality of the products.

the candles provide a decent burn time, and a long lasting scent.

the wax melts last for days.

the room and linen spray really packs a punch; all it takes is one spritz on my curtains when i wake up in the morning, and i can still smell it when i get into bed at night.

i also love the fact that most of their products are uncoloured – that’s a vibe i am all over.

i can’t recommend this brand more highly, i really can’t.

if you’re looking for quality home fragrance items, please check out their instagram @scentimentaljars or their website – you can get 15% off your entire order by using code SERI15.

happy melting love bugs,

seri xo

*DISCLAIMER – i am in no way paid (either monetarily or in goods) for this review, nor do i receive commission for the code i have provided – this is simply a way for my followers to gain a discount on products i really rate. this is an honest review of a company i really do love, and products i use and love myself. i paid for all reviewed products, with my own money. i believe in truly honest reviews, and such would never recommend a product or company that i have not used, and do not love.*

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