seri’s top booze-free beverages.

hello lovebugs!

i just wanted to start this by saying – THANK YOU, for all of the love and support on my sobriety story blog i shared earlier in the week, it means the absolute world to have that support! if you’ve not read it yet, but you’d like to, you can read it here > ‘sobriety & me’.

in a continuation of my sober series, i wanted to share with you all – my top eight booze-free beverages to enjoy over the festive period into the new year, but also a n y t i m e! 

i’ve found that having drink booze-free drinks to hand curbs the craving to join in when others are drinking cocktails, spirits, or wine. 

i love a diet coke or a dr pepper, as much as the next person – probably more.. but we all know that sipping diet coke while everyone is drinking from a cabinet of fancy drinks, just isn’t the same.

just because were booze-free, doesn’t mean we have to be boring! we too can enjoy a little indulgence!

these drinks aren’t just great for those of us in recovery – they are delicious drinks that can be enjoyed by anyone who is going booze free – even if just for one night! they’re great for pregnant or breast feeding mums, designated drivers, parents who don’t want to drink around their kids, those who have work later or in the morning, those with medical issues, those who don’t drink for their health – and simply anyone who decides to abstain for whatever reason they choose.

i’ve tried many drinks over my 23 months of sobriety, but there are some really crappy drinks on the market aimed at sober folk, that are massively over priced for what they are and don’t taste great!

my aim with this round up was to introduce you all to some new drinks that are great quality, for a suitable price (in my opinion), and that taste truly great!

without further a do, let’s get into it!


#1 – STRYKK not rum.*

available at ocado – £17.00.

+ strykk direct – £18.99.

this has to be my absolute favourite so far! 

inspired by rum it has that sweet smokey taste to it.

‘not rum’ can be used in a number of mocktails and long drinks, but my favourite way to drink it is with ice, and diet coke. it’s such a lovely drink for a post dinner chill. simple, easy to make, but really enjoyable.

i will be without a doubt keeping a bottle of this in the house!

strykk also do a ‘not gin’ and a ‘not vodka’ which are also lovely.

find out more on instagram or their website.


#2 – BORRAGO – #47 paloma blend.*

available direct from borrago – £19.99.

+ on amazon – £19.99.

this drink is stunning.

with base notes of citrus, spice, and pepper it’s an excellent spirit for mocktails!

my favourite way to drink it so far is with lots of ice, two shots of orange juice, and topped up ginger ale – it’s literally an orange explosion with a kick, and i love it so much! this will be hands down my go-to drink for celebrations! 

find out more on instagram or their website.



£1.50 – available at all supermarkets.

what more can i say about appletizer?

it’s great.

it needs no more words!

it just is so refereshing, and it makes me happy!


#4 – KOPPARBERG – pear cider.

£1.25/£1.30 – available most supermarkets.

+ currently on 3 for £3 at tesco.

kopparberg has been one of my long standing favourite alcoholic drinks, but i only discovered two weeks ago that they do alcohol free versions!

the alcohol free versions taste just as good as the boozy versions, in my opinion! i love both the pear, and the strawberry + lime, but my favourite is the pear – it tastes like pear drops!

disclaimer: kopparberg mark their cider as ‘low alcohol’ and “below 0.5%” – yet its also stated to be alcohol free. i reached out to kopparberg directly to ask for clarification. they’ve advised me that it’s marked as being below 0.5% to align with laws, as all cider products will be classed as possibly containing a trace of alcohol. this is the same as vegan products being marked as possibly containing a trace of milk, or eggs. it is however free from alcohol and safe to drink if you’re abstaining from alcohol.

find out more on instagram or their website.


#5 – EINSBERG – alcohol free rosé.

£3.50 – available at tesco, waitrose, ocado, morrisons and more.

i’m a sucker for a good bottle of rosé, and this hits the spot! cheap, cheerful, and really enjoyable.

again, this tastes just like boozy rosé! 

it’s fruity, and light.

i really rate this wine, and love that it’s so cheap!


#6 – GUSTO organic real cherry cola.*

£1.89 – available at holland and barrett, ocado, and ethical supermarket.

i first tried the real cherry cola, last year when i was in brighton, and fell in love.

i’ve always been a cherry cola girl, but comparing cherry coca cola to this real cherry cola, is like comparing a 99p cheese pizza from a supermarket, to a mozzarella pizza from a genuine authentic italian restaurant!

this is a botanical drink, made with real cola nuts from african rainforests, and cherry juice for a real taste experience.

served cold over ice, this is a dreamy drink.

gusto offer many other drinks in their range, including a sicilian lemon which i also adore! 

find out more on instagram or their website.


#7 – SIPLING mojito.*

£14.99 for a case of 6 – direct from sipling.

inspired by the classic mojito – sipling created a fusion of alcohol free rum, mint, sugar and lime.

served over ice this is a refreshing drink that would be perfect for those long summer evenings, but it’s also one i’ve really enjoyed at this time of year!

i love that these come in individual glass bottles for an elegant mocktail!

sipling offer a number of other mocktails including old cuban, bellini, and moscow mule.

find out more on instagram or their website.


#8 – HUMBLE WARRIOR ‘nourish’ turmeric and mango.

£29.90 for a case of 9 – available direct from humble warrior.

£3.45 each – available from planet organic.

this drink is very different to the others i’ve mentioned previously, however it’s one i could not miss out of this run down.

humble warrior drinks are created to nourish your body, worship your insides, and give you some self love and self care.

this flavour is their nourish drink – crafted from turmeric, and six botanicals, it offers a tropical taste, filled with goodness!

humble warrior offer 3 different flavours, and they’re all lovely. i have enjoyed drinking these over ice, whilst i indulge in a chapter or two of my book.

find out more via instagram or their website.


i hope you enjoyed my round up of my top eight booze free beverages and it helps with new and exciting options you can choose instead of a diet coke or a lemonade!

merry christmas, darlings.

xo seri.


disclaimer: some of the drinks that made it to my top 8 are gifted (marked with a *), the rest are purchased myself for this blog series! although some are gifted, my views are impartial – i have not been paid on any way to share these drinks or include them, this round up is based purely on my own tastes, and what i enjoy and have enjoyed!

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