slow living 2020.

hi lovebugs,

it’s been a hot minute!

i had my new year blog all planned out and started but after a rubbish end of the year, my 2020 had a bit of a crappy start – with a bad fibromyalgia flare up, and a bad depressive episode.

i felt like coming on and being all positive and happy about the new year just wasn’t authentic, and wasn’t in-line with what i am creating here.

but here we are now, 12 days into february, and things are looking up; i am feeling brighter, i’m feeling more settled, and i am making plans for my year.

if you follow my insta you’ll know that i’m big on slow living, and i have made it my biggest focus for 2020.

slow living in all of its forms, is beneficial all round.

it is very conscious of our earth in its ditching of fast fashion and investing in slow fashion (thrifting and vintage shopping or shopping from businesses who are committing to sourcing eco friendly sustainable fabrics), it’s encouragement of upcycling and shopping vintage for our homes, and for promoting the need to consume less as humans.

it is also massively conscious of our physically, emotional, and mental wellbeing. it encourages us to slow down, to take in the current moment, to consume less for our wellbeing, to listen to our bodies, to eat better, and to generally look after our wellbeing in all of it’s forms.

i think slower living is something that we all need to be incorporating into our lives, especially in this current society that seems to glamourise working to the point of breakdown, in constantly putting pressure on us all to make our life goals material; like bigger houses, more “luxury cars”, wreckless spending and designer clothing – rather than encouraging goals to be based around freedom, travelling to fill our souls, days off to recharge, learning new things.

we can very simply incorporate some slow living in small was such as, just ensuring that we take sunday afternoons every weekend, for ourselves. wether thats sipping coffee in the garden watching the sun rise, a two hour salt cleansing bath in the evening, a sleepy day in bed, a trip to your local brick and mortar vintage/record shop, or simply making a nourishing meal for yourself.

whilst i do incorporate much of the foundation of slow living into my life already, i know there is room for vast improvement – especially in terms of nourishing my body, listening to my body more, taking time out from everyone and everything, living in the moment, and even in consuming less – but consuming intentionally.

intentional and slow living is so healing.

we don’t ever seem to take into consideration how endless consumption of “stuff” dwindles our wellbeing – from the stress of a crap bank balance, to feeling a need to keep up with everyone else, to just feeling cluttered in our own homes. i think when we scroll social media its very easy to get caught up with what everyone else has, and fall into the headspace that if we too have that item, we might enjoy our home more, or love ourselves more, or be happier. the truth is that no purchase will fulfil that need on a long term basis.

in a capitalist society that is constantly encouraging us to buy more, spend more, and feel like we need more, committing to slow living is no easy feat but when you weigh up the benefits to ourselves, and our planet – the one planet we have, you can understand why many people are choosing to incorporate it more into their every day life.

this next month i will be completing a huge declutter of my home – passing treasured finds onto friends and family, and donating all of my excessive clothing and homeware my favourite charity shop. i have already gotten rid of 3 car full’s and i already feel so much calmer and at peace in my home. to keep that calm and peaceful feeling going, i am trying to slow my impulsive ways when it comes to new finds and purchases – i am trying to sit on decisions instead of rolling full speed into new purchases, to make sure its really something i do want, or wether its something i am purchasing for a temporary rush of happiness, to fill a void within me that cannot be filled by any amount of “stuff”.

over the coming months i will be sharing more of this journey with you all. i am learning every day, so if you have any recommendations for people who are doing the slow living lifestyle well, please send their details my way.

here is to more intentional living.

love + light,

seri. xo


  1. I do plan on slowing down a bit this year and staying more at home, enjoying long baths and start reading more. I’ve been so busy lately that I need a bit of a change.


  2. When I first saw this blog title I wasn’t sure if I’d heard of Slow Living, but after reading your post it all makes sense. I definitely think we all should practice being conscious of our own well-being. It’s so true that our society seems to encourage *buying more* when we should be *buying better* instead.


  3. I am decluttering at the moment, but went to donate to the charity shop and they are not taking donations, so now have a car full of stuff LOL


  4. My folks need to slow down a bit! I think their worried that if they jump off the hamster wheel they might not ever be able to get back on again! Sorry to hear about your fibromyalgia flare up and totally agree about buying less ‘stuff’ x


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